23 January 2011 Exquisite Whispers

twitter, curation, misrepresentation, varnish, and caching

26 September 2010 Why aren't games culturally acceptable?

games, culture, and literacy

09 April 2010 How legislation is killing the content industries

filesharing, politics, digital distribution, and market forces

07 March 2010 Why I don't like Carcassonne

opinions, challenges, and board games

23 January 2010 UK Government consultation for free geodata

geodata, uk, government, and ordnance survey

22 January 2010 Contemporary friendship

friendship, modernity, and social networking

21 January 2010 Losing the ability to be alone

solitude, the web, concentration, connection, ennui, and modernity

30 December 2009 Towards a web of music

the web, music, URLs, browsers, and formats

28 December 2009 Why video game movies suck

games, movies, and storytelling

22 December 2009 Playdar and a browser for the music web

music, the web, Playdar, formats, parsers, and playlists

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